The world needs great design—
YOUR great design.

—Amy Farrell

Hi, I'm Amy,

founder of Designing Success


I created Designing Success and my signature course, Behind Design, to help YOU—the ambitious graphic design business owner and freelancer.

Several years ago, I was burned out, always stressed and overwhelmed in my graphic design business. Projects felt bumpy and not worth the money I was making. I enjoyed the creative work, but there were still constant questions in my mind.

"Am I doing this right?"

"How should I respond to this client?"

"Is my business profitable?"

"Should it feel THIS hard?"

"How long can I keep this up?"

I decided to get serious about being a business owner first—to run my business and projects in a way that serves me AND my clients well. And you can too.

I reflected on my 20-year design career and noticed what I did well and the mistakes I made. Then, I went to work on my own design studio. Over the past five years, I have drastically increased the money I make and the enjoyment I get running and working in my business. I want to share what I’ve learned with others because I know it works. 

While there will always be challenges, I can confidently say that I am no longer stressed out, frustrated, and burned out in my business. I see the power behind working with clients I love while being paid well for my thinking, problem-solving, and the results I generate for clients.

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