The world needs great design—YOUR great design!

My mission is to help you take action, so your business thrives!

—Amy Farrell

The world needs great design—YOUR great design!

My mission is to help you take action, so your business thrives!

—Amy Farrell


Graphic Designer, Business Owner, and Creative Business Expert, now 25 years deep.

I build impactful brand identities and empower creatives with no-nonsense guidance.

1998: Montana State University grad, armed with a degree in graphic design.

1998-2005: Worked in agencies (full and part-time)—immersed in corporate branding and tradeshow, museum/exhibit graphics for Microsoft, Avid, Cisco Systems, and US Fish and Wildlife & Parks.

2001: Got bitten by the freelancing bug.

2005: Went all-in, freelancing full-time.

2008: Welcomed my awesome twin boys into the world (I had to sneak that in :)

2010: Partnered up with my husband Todd to launch times2studio, specializing in custom design and brand development. From nonprofits to small businesses, we deliver "Design That Works."

  • We’re passionate about providing impeccable quality and stellar customer service through efficient systems and processes.
  • Along the journey, burnout forced me to rethink my business and take charge of it for lasting success. The transformation led to the fulfilling and streamlined business I enjoy today.

2019: Designing Success is born—a haven for creatives looking to thrive without the grind. It’s all about sharing the wisdom and strategies that helped me conquer the roller-coaster freelancing income and chaos.

Outside of my work passions? You’ll catch me sipping Americanos or red wine, taking long walks in my mountainous Montana neighborhood, and sneaking hugs from my 15-year-old twin boys.

I'm proud to say our business completely sustains our family and has since 2010.

However, our business, just like yours, started with one client. That one client, followed by years of hard work, mistakes, lessons learned, and dedication, helped us build the strong, sustainable business we enjoy today.

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Some favorite work from my design studio

specializing in brand identity design, print materials and exhibit graphics for small businesses and nonprofits.