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Do you love your design business?

What if you could truly enjoy your business AND get your time back so those feelings of being overworked, burned out, or annoyed with all the minutia are a distant memory (sorta like Zip disks)?

It all starts with taking on the right projects. 

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It's time to work ON your business, not just IN it.

You might be thinking, "Working ON my business sounds boring, time-consuming, and it will take me away from my design projects. After all, I started my business so I could focus on being creative!"

But let's consider just a few of the benefits you're missing out on if you tackle your projects willy-nilly. (And, just know, this work ON your business doesn't have to be complicated or time-consuming when taken one step at a time.)


Your best, most creative design solutions surface when you create dedicated headspace for your projects. A win-win for you AND your clients.


When projects practically manage themselves you can focus on being creative. Structure may seem restrictive but it actually gives you FREEDOM!


Having more time means you get to focus on creating a fantastic experience to delight your clients, keep them coming back and, better yet, referring you to others! More opportunities, aka a sustainable business, is the best place to be.

"Hi, I'm Amy and I believe the world needs great design—YOUR great design!

I'm a hopelessy-addicted-to-my-craft graphic designer and design studio owner. After 20+ years gathering experience in design and running my own business, I get to pass on lessons learned to other graphic designers, creatives, and freelancers, like you.

I help you hurdle the mistakes I've made so you can:
• enjoy the design process
• get your valuable time back
• AND create lasting, profitable client relationships without losing your mind

- Amy Farrell
Founder, Designing Success

Three Steps to Freedom!

The path to enjoying your graphic design business, getting to do more of what you love, and taking your time back is right in front of you.

Decide for yourself how you want your business to look, act and operate (not based on what you, or others, think it's "supposed" to look like).

Create effective processes and tools to run projects so you don't have to babysit every step. 

Communicate effectively with your clients, including setting clear project goals and establishing expectations.

Are you choosing the right projects?

Find out how to choose the best projects for you by grabbing the free Power Project Assessment. Run your design business before it runs you!

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