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Want to fuel your business with the best projects?

Learn how to say YES to the right clients (and NO to the bad) so you can be more profitable and love your creative business!

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This tool helps you:

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Be laser-focused on the projects and clients that align with your business goals and values.

Choosing the right projects for you is the best way to avoid bumpy or failed projects.
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Spot potential red flags immediately!

Learn to recognize bad clients right away so you can use your talents for the good ones.
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Save your creative energy for the projects that light you up!

Your best work is created when you have the space to focus.
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Increase your enjoyment AND profit!

When you’re having fun all kinds of good things happen, like added profit, happy clients, and referrals to more great clients and projects.


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Hey there, I'm Amy.

I'm a graphic designer and design studio owner. I help creatives build thriving businesses they love and become sought-after designers.

You can find me hanging out with other awesome designers and creatives in my free Facebook group. Join us!